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Leadership Begins By Giving Back

Gary Multanen is founder and owner of Best Bath Systems. Once a month, he offers insights into the industry, the company, and his philosophies.


Leadership Begins By Giving Back

Leadership Begins By Giving Back

How do you lead? I’m not talking about business or family, but what do you do for the communities you work and live in? Your contributions of time, energy, and money are crucial elements to making local communities great places to live, work, and play.


The ADL Spa Collection Offers Easy Access For Homeowners With Limited Mobility

Caldwell, Idaho – Best Bath Systems, a leading manufacturer of showers and tubs, has redesigned its ADL Spa line of elevated transfer bathtubs, permitting homeowners with limited mobility to enjoy a safe, luxurious bathing experience. (more…)

App Up! Providers Create Mobile Apps to Help Caregivers

by Gene Mitchell –

How could your organization benefit if a client or resident could carry it in his pocket? If a family caregiver could have it handy in her purse? (more…)

Famed architect Michael Graves, in a wheelchair, widens his design focus

July 14

In 2003, Michael Graves had just returned home from a business trip to Germany and Switzerland. He wasn’t feeling well and told colleagues at his architectural firm that he was leaving early to go home and rest.  By the next morning, Graves, one of America’s most prominent architects and designers, was fighting for his life against a mysterious virus.


NAHB: Aging-In-Place Remodeling Checklist



Have you ever wanted a quick reference for aging-in-place issues? Are you wondering how to incorporate some aesthetically pleasing designs into your projects? If so, the Aging-In-Place Design Checklist might be suited to your needs. (more…)

Senior Or Not Senior — That Is The Question

by , Aug 5, 2013

An article in the Chicago Tribune’s June’s Primetime section, titled “Language Lurch,” discussed the need for a new vocabulary as ageist terms get old. Referenced was a survey conducted by to gauge the responses of 1,114 people to the language used when describing individuals 50 and older. The survey’s findings reveal that the linguistic map needs an update, as certain words and phrases have fallen out of fashion or, worse, become patently offensive to older customers.  (more…)

A Quiet ‘Sea Change’ in Medicare


Glenda Jimmo at home in Lincoln, Vt., in 2012. She was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit over whether Medicare should pay for treatment for people whose underlying conditions were not likely to improve.Ever since Cindy Hasz opened her geriatric care management business in San Diego 13 years ago, she has been fighting a losing battle for clients unable to get Medicare coverage for physical therapy because they “plateaued” and were not getting better.

“It has been standard operating procedure that patients will be discontinued from therapy services because they are not improving,” she said.

Moving in with grandma and grandpa: What to expect

By Barrier Free Architecturals Inc.

As baby boomers grow older, many families are making decisions on where their parents will live. Some living options include parents staying at home; intergenerational housing where parents move in with their children and grandchildren, or parents moving into a retirement home, supportive housing or a long-term care home. (more…)

I’d Rather Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission! – An Email From A Generous Best Bath Dealer

logo1_1022_004[1]We here at Best Bath Systems are constantly being reminded of why we love our Dealer network.  This is an email that was sent to our Mid Atlantic Sales Manager, Joe Hayden, from Ginny with Free Spirit Mobility, a generous dealer with Best Bath from Greer, South Carolina: (more…)

Westerners with Alzheimer’s find care abroad

By DENIS D. GRAY, Associated PressDecember 30, 2013

A Thai caretaker consoles Elizabeth, an Alzheimer’s patient from Switzerland at Baan Kamlangchay care center in northern Thailand. Thailand is poised to attract more Alzheimer’s patients from abroad.

A Thai caretaker consoles Elizabeth, an Alzheimer’s patient from Switzerland at Baan Kamlangchay care center in northern Thailand. Thailand is poised to attract more Alzheimer’s patients from abroad

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Residents of this facility for people with Alzheimer’s disease toss around a yellow ball and laugh under a cascade of water with their caregivers, in a swimming pool ringed by palm trees and wind chimes. Susanna Kuratli, once a painter of delicate oils, swims a lap and smiles.

Watching is her husband, Ulrich, who has a heart-rending decision: to leave his wife of 41 years in this facility 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) from home, or to bring her back to Switzerland.

Their homeland treats the elderly as well as any nation on Earth, but Ulrich Kuratli says the care here in northern Thailand is not only less expensive but more personal. In Switzerland, “You have a cold, old lady who gives you pills and tells you to go to bed,” he says.